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Author: Jason Presley (All RIAForge projects by this author)
Admins: Reuben Brown
Last Updated: November 30, 2010 4:19 PM
Version: 1.5 Beta 3
Views: 32,150
Downloads: 3,696
License: MIT


This code generator goes steps further in the automatic creation of CRUD functionality. In addition to the standard Bean, DAO, and Gateway most generators create, this generator will also create a controller, HTML data table or CF8 data grid and a form with multiple add, update and delete functionality, integrated form validation for required fields, optional rich text area and integrated date chooser. An Actionscript Value Object and Flex CRUD MXML Component can also be generated. Other options include the use of graphics or textual links in the HTML code and the ability to automatically write files (and graphics if chosen) to the file system (except for VO and MXML).

This code generator rocks. I have been looking for a well built generator with an intuitive and feature-packed wizard that will create well formed code, and tons of it. It has already saved me a great deal of time, and has even taught me a bit about OO.

Andrew P.

*Added 10/16/08: overall site design and the ability to have the generator write files directly to the file system
*Added 10/19/08: ability to have files placed into an admin folder
* Fixed 10/21/08: passwordField error, CF8 data grid update and delete issues, and password validation not working
* Added 10/21/08: version number to the header
* Fixed 10/31/08: admin parameter not being passed back when changing table settings
* Added 12/2/08: confirmation and error reporting after insert, update or delete on data table (or grid) page
* Added 12/2/08: ability to specify path of UI scripts (data table/grid, form, controller and application file if used)
* Added 12/2/08: date fields in CF8 applications now use the type="datefield" attribute vs external js
* Fixed 12/6/08: forms on application and table settings pages now hold original values when navigated to using links
* Added 12/6/08: ability to generate Actionscript Value Object and MXML CRUD Component (Beta Code - still in testing. Released due to request)
*Fixed 07/25/09: Extra white space in the generated files has been removed for easier readability.
*Fixed 07/25/09: Order By logic has been fixed so it works.
*Fixed 07/25/09: Consistent use of Application.dsn has been implemented when using the Application.cfc.
* Fixed 07/27/09: CFGRID in HTML had an error in the delete function since it was not using the ID field from the table, but just ID.

Demonstration video can be found on project page at http://www.jasonpresley.net/codegenerator.cfm.